Left 4 Dead Demo

Left 4 Dead Demo

A Zombie game that twisted the survival-horror genre with a cooperative mode
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The creators of Counter-Strike now want to revolutionize cooperative multiplayer games with this title that uses the Source engine and its artificial intelligence technology in its version 2.
Two great partners like Valve and Turtle Rock left behind Counter Strike and seek for success with their latest production, where the user is a participant in the game of suffering and anguish, an experience compared to a horror film. In particular zombies. Left 4 Dead is a mixture of homage to the genre of George A. Romero par excellence and subjective shooter for four players cooperatively. After watching movies like 28 days later and the remake of Dawn of the dead, you can get into the role of one of four survivors of a zombie apocalypse that seek to break from a flood of rotten meat to save your own skin.

Cooperation is the key. Unlike any other FPS, Left 4 Dead is raised to the functional unit is the group of four. Nothing made the hero. Individualism is tantamount to failure. And this is one of the game's strengths. Enjoying Left 4 Dead with three other friends through the Internet is an invaluable experience. It is not a new machine, but in a situation like this, in such unfavorable conditions, with the zombie factor and the aura surrounding the Survival Horror title, of course it is revitalizing and refreshing.

Players can communicate with each other through voice, more conveniently and directly, or by quicky selecting short predefined phrases. This allows to develop tactics and assume different roles within a team, which is crucial in advanced levels of difficulty: first or second position in the line of fire, protect the flanks and the rear, warn of launched grenades, request assistance or health care - are some of the examples. But cooperation is not only limited to these aspects. When they lose health, injured players just fall to earth but still maintain consciousness. Lying is still possible to open fire, but we need a partner to reinvigorate.

Left 4 Dead is a great title. FPS is the ultimate experience in the genre of zombies. A title for fans of cult movies not dead, and an intermediate step between them and the video games. Your own interactive series B movie. Packed with gore, liters of blood and mutilated bodies with amputated limbs. The cooperative approach makes it incredibly fun and friend making.

Oscar Upegui
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